September 19, 2009

1st oil portrait.. soooo orange :P

During a 3-hour workshop session.
Ho Jun Lee, the instructor, said that I should push the lights more,
and darken the areas with reflected light..
(gaah! i always have problems with those LOLz)
i also should have lightened/darkened that background,
because it kinda blends with the tone of his head..

I had so much fun!
..will try to do better next time (pressured gaaah!) XD
Laters! ( ^-^)v


  1. awesome for your first! just know i have high expectations for your next >:]

  2. go jamie go! lol. you should always start with the darkest dark you can find on the model.. hair maybe.. and then try and put down that colour down.. that way you have something to compare with to see if your values are too dark or too light. but not bad for a first try :D i dont think a lot of people attempt portraits as their first figure paintings.

  3. REALLY!?!? i thought portraits will be easier to start off with than the whole figure because you can focus on one thing.. XD

    thanks! i will surely keep those suggestions/tips in mind :)