September 18, 2009

end of week 2.. tired.

last week we weren't supposed to use blue paint,
i forgot, so.... i accidentally cheated (?) :P

we used limited palette again..
boo!! T^T
i want my blues!!
(btw, i didn't exaggerate the pitcher, the top just had a weird shape LOL)

trying to draw faster :/
( ^-^)v


  1. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!! you're getting there, i remember your twenties use to be headless and now that last one has everything! HORRAY!! btw cordell and i are going to the painting workshop tomorrow, tag along with us!

    i know, sorry, too many exclamation points!! (just imagine me yelling all that)

  2. lol thank youuuuu!!!! :3

    awesome!!!!! \( >o<)/