December 25, 2009

Happee Holidays!

Hey you guys! I've been sketching and doodling these past couple of days. Other than trying to fill my sketchbook with a gazillion heads and hand studies, I've just been brushing up on photoshop again. I haven't drawn with it since summer...

Well, these look really silly lol! Trying to get the hang of things again. I kept most areas loose because I'm not good with details just yet. So far, I hope my WIP of both are so-so. I might work on them a little more if I'm not lazy enough--I mean--if Rob thinks I should. (teehee!) So I might edit this post :P

I don't know what i'm drawing =_=

This one started out as a dude, but I couldn't help myself when I drew the waist area. So hopefully this looks like a chick with heavy gear.

And this one... inspired by a mohawk and an ice cream scooper... haha.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v


  1. These are great! Awesome sense of silhouette here. Love how you picked out some parts and left some out. In my opinion, you should leave some areas just vague and unfinished (but not too much XD). It keeps the concept alive/interesting, makes the viewer wonder what's in those areas, based on the crisp details of other areas/stuff that they already *see*. It also gives a sense of balance and focus. I love these, keep em comin! you have 5.5 more weeks hahaha XD

    hope you had a great holiday =)