June 14, 2010

New to Watercolor

Hi there! :)
I thought I should finally give watercolor a try. So I've been practicing the medium in the last few weeks. Painting with it is pretty challenging, but very fun! These were all from life (except one doodle). Enjoy!

(Doodling while chatting with Reekee on the phone lolz)


(A jellyfish sucking his brains. Haha jk)

Thanks again for stopping by!
( ^-^)v


  1. lookin good jamie! especially the jelly fish man

  2. ooo great "wota'collas" =P. I love how you did the doodle chat one, my fave out of all of em. it would be great to see some life ones you did without using graphite, just straight up watercolor

  3. is the jellyfish guy me or some other asian guy with big nose?

  4. Teehee! Thanks guys!

    The jellyfish guy is a random dude :P
    (You wear glasses Lloyd!) haha

  5. yeah u gotta admit tho my nose looks like that my hat is white though not jellyfish purple. I "mind photoshop" glasses out of drawings all the time :p

  6. Very nice, and delicate pieces.

  7. Why thank you kind sir :)
    Let's sketch out again soon Ki-Ke!