August 17, 2011

Character doodles and stuff

 Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while ^^;
Hope ya like some of the style studies! ;)

iphone sketches :) colors app

 More iphone sketches

More WIPs

 From life: photoshop (left), painter (right)

Can't resist drawing cute stuff :P

Gonna miss Rich when I go back to school this fall T_T

Hope you all had a nice summer!


  1. agh! so goood! you should explore more of those two tone drawlins =)

  2. WHaaaa....
    An awesome post (and a pretty healthy size also may I add! ;))
    Such variation also in techniques and style - they are all really impressive! I particularly love the 'Red1' image....
    Worth the wait! :)

  3. Thanks Sig and Laurent! :3

    I shall keep exploring styles then... I just can't decide which ones are more fun XD

  4. loving the studies!, sick, on an iphone? dang! your making me want one of those things. my phones wetardo. :(, also lovin the cute stuff, very loosey goose.

  5. agagagaaa you getting sogud jmieeeeee.