November 12, 2012

trying things...


 no ref ( >///<)

from an old sketch (bottom right)

Adventure Time got jokes for days...

... We were inspired by it one night in Tagaytay when I introduced Rich to the show. His are the two on the right.

PI pics soon!


  1. Finally the comments have been enbaled again! XD
    I was getting frustrated I couldn't say how great your work was u.u
    I'd love to see your PSD files to find out how you paint/organise stuff... you don't have any plans to make a progression video by any chance? :3

  2. Haha yeah that's totally my bad! I was changing my layout and editing the html a bit (pretending to feel like a programmer) :P so for a while the comments wouldn't show up even when they're enabled on the basic settings lol--fail.

    Sure, I'll post a short video or screen cap of a WIP one of these days :D

  3. CHEEEAAAAA JME these are awesome. lovin the top B&W study