December 25, 2009

Happee Holidays!

Hey you guys! I've been sketching and doodling these past couple of days. Other than trying to fill my sketchbook with a gazillion heads and hand studies, I've just been brushing up on photoshop again. I haven't drawn with it since summer...

Well, these look really silly lol! Trying to get the hang of things again. I kept most areas loose because I'm not good with details just yet. So far, I hope my WIP of both are so-so. I might work on them a little more if I'm not lazy enough--I mean--if Rob thinks I should. (teehee!) So I might edit this post :P

I don't know what i'm drawing =_=

This one started out as a dude, but I couldn't help myself when I drew the waist area. So hopefully this looks like a chick with heavy gear.

And this one... inspired by a mohawk and an ice cream scooper... haha.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v