August 31, 2011

Goodbye Montreal (for now)

Main lights were switched off on my 2nd flight to SFO last night. So I sketched whatever was on my tray table...

Yup, that's my 1st gen iPhone from ages ago... It's replaced, but I haven't set it up yet :P 

First week of school starts this Thursday yay!

August 28, 2011

New tablet... pc

I finally own a windows pc lol. It's a fujitsu q550--so light! Compared to my good ol' macbook pro from 2007 plus a wacom 3, this tablet just feels convenient for now. I think I'll mainly finish projects with my mac until I get used to it :P

Here's a WIP to try it out. More style exploration :)
Thanks for stopping by!

I also thank my bf for the awesome birthday gift :3

August 17, 2011

Character doodles and stuff

 Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while ^^;
Hope ya like some of the style studies! ;)

iphone sketches :) colors app

 More iphone sketches

More WIPs

 From life: photoshop (left), painter (right)

Can't resist drawing cute stuff :P

Gonna miss Rich when I go back to school this fall T_T

Hope you all had a nice summer!