February 26, 2013

 Testing the mic.

February 20, 2013

Found it

Playstation all-stars battle royale is kind of an addicting game. We're formerly Dante and Sackboy. Now we're Drake and Kat (but I also like Spike... one time, they called our team "barrels and bananas" known for spamming those moves, lol). Another fun for two is the survival mode on Shank 2. You get to fight zombies! Got any suggestions for multiplayer games? :)

February 19, 2013

sketchbook pro brushes.

February 17, 2013

Sometimes I get lost browsing for hours  =P

February 3, 2013

halo-halo 3

 CCSF 2007:

 I loooove sketching on the samsung series 7 slate with sketchbook pro. Supa smooth!


A few studeeeeez from life last December:

  Flight from SF to Montreal. I was watching the last Ice Age at the same time. Supa funny!

Wotacawluh. Only the chick with a hairbun had an under drawing, SIG!

I miss AAU's workshops! (above and below)

Brushpen, 1-3 minutes. 
It's been a while, so RUSTY aaaaarrrgghh DX


Something I've been practicing for a while. Since I'm still not very good with perspective, I've decided to block in props, interiors, etc. using sketchup, and then design and paint over them. I know, I know, you purists you, settle down. Eventually I'll use it less. I actually find modeling pretty fun anyway. A huge headache in the beginning, but it's very useful. Also, since we have a 3D printer, maybe I'll design some miniature things and airbrush on top as giveaways or something :D

One last thing...

Rich and I are planning on making tutorial vids on YT. Nothing fancy, more like a vlog style, covering anything we encounter on our daily/weekly art adventures. It'll be fun for us and useful to you! Hopefully it'll be entertaining too. Best part is, they'll be FREE, woohoo! (Rhyming is fun, lol). We're really looking forward to helping out those in need, and generally share how we do things, to the curious ones ;)

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