December 17, 2010



I'm currently fixing/adding more details to my oil painting and characters. These were for my clothed figure painting and illustration1 classes.

 Here's a sneak peek lol.
My good friend Julia Y.

Boring poses so boring :P

I need to work on colors ^^;
( n_n)v Later~

December 10, 2010

Baby steps

Finals next week! Some of these will be rendered fully... I hope :P

^^; Gotta practice...

Dome things

teeny sketches so teeny :3

 ...hugging Reekeee lol
This was my sketch at the end of last summer before painting the watercolor version ;)

Thanks for stopping by! ( ^.^)

November 23, 2010

Sketch during class

Kris K.

I was sketching her during one of her slide presentations for about 10-15 min. She's really cool. We're finally working on a colored illustration. So I hope mine will turn out okay ^^;

November 15, 2010

Very fun sketches :)

Hope you all like these! Don't worry, I'll draw guys too :P

Graphite pencil ones from imagination (which I'm still trying to get the hang of)... inspired by so many. Brush pen and vine charcoal studies from life.

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October 20, 2010

I like sketchin thangs..

 Two quick studies from photos before painting them with oil on canvas. 


From imagination. 
Possibly Lyn.

I missed the good ol' charcoal on paper.
(Mostly from life)

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August 6, 2010


Hi there :)
Last week's post was fun to draw.
I guess here are my different approaches in drawing using photoshop...

...Here's a preview (WIP) ^^;

Just a sketch.
Special thanks to Sig!

Have a nice day folks!
( n_n)v

July 29, 2010

so happee!


My niece likes purple.

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July 19, 2010

Environment Study

Hello! :)

Kitteh! In San Fran =P

[Edited post]
Cleaning out some sketches ^^;

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July 12, 2010

More Sketches

Hello again!

Here are more random sketches and studies. I really had fun with all of these. Especially when sketching along with good company :]

mechanical pencil

ballpoint pen

next 6:
watercolor and mechanical pencil

(the "nose" for Ki-Ke, lol)

[Edited post]
Cleaning out some sketches ^^;

Later folks! ( ^-^)v

June 19, 2010

AAU Spring Show 2010

Hello! :)

I congratulate my friends again for their pieces in these departments...


Fine Art (Painting)

Click the links to enjoy~

(me, Ovetto, Desiree, and Reekee at the show!)

Pic stolen from Desiree lol! :P

( ^-^)v

June 14, 2010

New to Watercolor

Hi there! :)
I thought I should finally give watercolor a try. So I've been practicing the medium in the last few weeks. Painting with it is pretty challenging, but very fun! These were all from life (except one doodle). Enjoy!

(Doodling while chatting with Reekee on the phone lolz)


(A jellyfish sucking his brains. Haha jk)

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( ^-^)v

May 31, 2010

Beginning of Summer...


(edit post: I took out the "princess Leia" sketch LOL, it looks silly!)

More sketches to come! (I'm trying out watercolors lol)
Thanks again for stopping by!

Later folks! ( ^-^)v

May 21, 2010

End of Spring '10 Semester

The AAU Annual Spring Show is coming soon! Some of my submissions were accepted in the Illustration Department, but we'll see on the opening day (May 27th!) if any of them actually make it on the walls lol!

The result of these last 4 months... Enjoy! :)

Another 2-day in-class drawing. Vine charcoal and charcoal pencil.

Besty! Vine Charcoal. (With photoref)
I should have shaded his beanie dark :P

Some quickies.

Oil on canvas.
The arrow is totally implied ;) lol
My good friend Julia encouraged me to finish painting this digitally (photoshop). So we'll see how this might turn out during my summer break.

Kirk. Oil on Canvas. 18" x 24" (about 4.5 hours with photoref)

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Now I'm off to my last class, meet up with friends, then check out Dice Tsutsumi's show! Eeeeeee!! Later folks! ( ^-^)v

May 8, 2010

2 weeks left.. sigh..

Hello! Hope you folks like these.. more to come soon! (after finals yay!)

Charcoal Pencil and Vine Charcoal. 18"x24"

(I tried sketching the heads with no reference hehehe)


To my buds in school: good luck during finals and have fun!

... omgosh can't wait to hang out with mom tomorrow!
Happee Mother's Day!

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v

April 17, 2010

Spring '10: Weeks 9 & 10

Hello~~! Mooooore studies (sigh).. I guess I won't be posting for a while until after this semester, because finals are in 4-5 weeks. Spring Show is coming up also, but I have a feeling I won't be submitting anything from this semester and last, which is actually fine with me.. I just can't wait to see friends' work up! :D

This Fall term I'll be having an Illustration class tho (finally!), so hopefully next Spring Show (2011) I'll be uhhm.. ready.. with.. stuff.. lol...


(I'm still afraid of colors... but I like the contrast... hehehe)

OMGosh.. cherry blossom festival in J-town?!-- I hope I get to go (buuhuhu too much homework).. sigh..

Later dudes!!! ( ^-^)v

April 1, 2010

Spring '10: Week 8-ish

I just woke up from a long nap, teehee! It's only been 3 days since we got back to school from break and I'm already lacking some sleep.. sigh.. Well, I hope you folks like these :) And please excuse the terrible quality of these photos from my phone... like the rest of my photos here ^^;

Vine charcoal. During heads and hands class.

*Removed my self portrait :P

Fun sketchiz with a brush pen :)

Soooo excited! Wondercon----this weekend!!
Later dudes! ( ^-^)v