March 22, 2010


Hello! Just working on some homework (painting/drawing) at the moment.. And I'm trying to fix this blog (clean it up maybe?) So I hope you enjoy these videos ^///^ hehehe~

Remember about at least a year or two ago, there was this class in AAU called:
"Photo/Storyboard/Super8" ? Haha.. well, they changed the name recently I think. So yeah, I took this class because I was in animation in my first year at the academy. I used a super 8mm film camera from school. Edited in iMovie. It was filmed in China Beach (SF).

It's a silly reason, but I took a semester of piano class back in CCSF just so I can learn a couple of pieces from my favorite films. This includes "Lullaby" from My Sassy Girl (one of my fave K-Dramas) lol!

I know I need to post more finished work here.. sigh.. I'm working on it promise! Later dudes ( n_n)v

March 18, 2010

Chillax, Loosen Up, Have fun!

...During midterms? ...Yes.

Angela. An in-class drawing. Vine charcoal. About 1hr. 20min.
(Thanks Z!)

A William-Adolphe Bouguereau master copy drawing.
Vine and compressed charcoal.

From workshops...

Thanks to Jialing, I was able to use a brush pen for the first time!

When models take their breaks, I have... collab sketching with Ge and Bo. The 2nd one includes Brie!

Teehee~ Later dudes! ( n_n)/

March 13, 2010

Update <--lame title for a blog (jk!)

Midterms next week =_=
...and then Spring break ^-^

lol.. I paint too slow I guess. I still need to work on her face and such, and then work on my favorite part: her hair!

More workshop sketches! I actually missed sketching with mechanical pencils. Teehee!

Oh and... CONGRATULATIONS to my besty, who just got accepted to CALARTS!! eeeekkk!! X3

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v

March 7, 2010

Spring '10: Weeks 4-5

Yup, end of week 5 already. Spring break for us is coming soon! (Woohoo full sleep!) :P

Quick study during clothed figure class...

WIP for class...
(includes my master copy of Zhaoming Wu's art... again lol)

Sketchbook dumps...
(from different workshops... all in pen and ink)

In this first batch, left to right: Bo, student, Jon, Enrique, Alex, and Olivia

Thanks again to my instructors and friends!
( ^-^)/ later~