March 7, 2010

Spring '10: Weeks 4-5

Yup, end of week 5 already. Spring break for us is coming soon! (Woohoo full sleep!) :P

Quick study during clothed figure class...

WIP for class...
(includes my master copy of Zhaoming Wu's art... again lol)

Sketchbook dumps...
(from different workshops... all in pen and ink)

In this first batch, left to right: Bo, student, Jon, Enrique, Alex, and Olivia

Thanks again to my instructors and friends!
( ^-^)/ later~


  1. Great job Jamie =)

    I'm lovin those heads

  2. i love all of them!!!!!! great job!!!!

  3. OH EM GEEE JME! you're sooooo goood XD i'm soooo jealous.. i suck so much with painting

  4. lol thanks guys! :_D

    Buddy... then go to the painting workshops! >:O

    ughh.. why do people spam my blog T_T I may have deleted the 123456789th junk post today =_=