December 6, 2012

PI pics!

This was originally a long post, so I moved it here :)

November 12, 2012

trying things...


 no ref ( >///<)

from an old sketch (bottom right)

Adventure Time got jokes for days...

... We were inspired by it one night in Tagaytay when I introduced Rich to the show. His are the two on the right.

PI pics soon!

October 15, 2012


October 13, 2012

halo-halo 2

Just got back from the Philippines! We took a bunch of photos from different islands, and some from underwater :3 It'll take a while to sort out, so for now I'll show some stuff I forgot to post :)

From photos:

my niece

he draws too much

From life, freal:



Hope you liked these studies!

September 25, 2012

lines and stuff

just felt like sketching my fav scooby doo character :)


sketchin' out


September 16, 2012

September 13, 2012


graphite and brush pen on bristol paper

graphite and watercolor on bristol paper

I've been inspired to pick up watercolors again after browsing through Kim Jung Gi's books and Tiffanny Varga's tutorial vids ;)

Here are my attempts w/o under drawings XD

My niece a while back.
oil on 11x14" panel, WIP 

( n_n)v

August 26, 2012

new day

June 17, 2012

sketch dump

Happee summer!

High-class :P

 Our living room :D wip

Value study. I made Arya too girly.. haa. Might revisit.

 A page from last year XD

I was sketching in China town (Montreal) waiting for Rich.
Yup, I'm back. My visit in SF was too short!

 I called my dad for fathers' day earlier :)

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May 17, 2012


YAY I'm done with vis dev for games class!
But not really done with the work... I'm never satisfied!

So here's another attempt on an environment. I know it's been a while, sigh~ I'm kinda liking this new process tho :) Still needs more work of course... (Special thanks to Rich!)

 Oh look, weapons LOLz... (boomerangs and daggers)
I'm re-posting the basic ortho because I'm a lot happier with that profile.
(Thanks Jeremy!)


Some buddies of mine are graduating soon, and have graduated already... So CONGRATS and best of luck! :_D  don't forget us little people :P 

I'll be watching the Avengers with the talented twins, Julia and Irit, tomorrow (or I guess later today lol). I haven't kicked it with them in a year, so I'm super excited! Art jam, a movie, and good eats in Frisco-- YAAYUH! I'll be at the spring show next week too, (apparently at 2801 Leavenworth?), the comic class on Friday, and the adv perspective class on Saturday, so I'll see the rest of you there! HOORAY!

May 2, 2012

props, sketches, and those moments...

Hi friends! We have about a couple of 
weeks left for finals, so I'll post more soon!

 I thought approaching the tv cabinet this way was interesting :D

Trying to push my story from last semester as a made up game, yay! :P

 Painted directly with colors. Photo study.


Ooo I think I like the new blog settings XD
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April 3, 2012


Another update yaaaaaay!

Couldn't decide between these,
so I chose what my instructor and some classmates liked most.

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March 14, 2012

shapes and values

Hi folks!

Here are a couple of works in progress. 
Shapes and values first, and then details later...

Finally, something traditional, yay! Oil on panel, 11x14.
I should lighten the trees a little...
Photo ref was taken in Montreal last year, but forgot to post here.
It's still on my fb tho ^^;

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