May 17, 2012


YAY I'm done with vis dev for games class!
But not really done with the work... I'm never satisfied!

So here's another attempt on an environment. I know it's been a while, sigh~ I'm kinda liking this new process tho :) Still needs more work of course... (Special thanks to Rich!)

 Oh look, weapons LOLz... (boomerangs and daggers)
I'm re-posting the basic ortho because I'm a lot happier with that profile.
(Thanks Jeremy!)


Some buddies of mine are graduating soon, and have graduated already... So CONGRATS and best of luck! :_D  don't forget us little people :P 

I'll be watching the Avengers with the talented twins, Julia and Irit, tomorrow (or I guess later today lol). I haven't kicked it with them in a year, so I'm super excited! Art jam, a movie, and good eats in Frisco-- YAAYUH! I'll be at the spring show next week too, (apparently at 2801 Leavenworth?), the comic class on Friday, and the adv perspective class on Saturday, so I'll see the rest of you there! HOORAY!


  1. Ahhh Jamie, those weapons are so awesome! And that environment is looking really sweeet, love the brushstrokes!

  2. your b/w work is so impressive! love your color and rendering! so good!

  3. Jamie this is superb! i really love this especially the thumbnails!

  4. Thank you ladies!! Aww this means a lot to me :3 I really need to put more love on the perspectives tho, but I'm glad you all like these :D

  5. Haha hope you don't mind me commenting twice but I could totally imagine those weapons IRL. If they were ever made I would totally buy one +_+ I really love them!

  6. Aw Diane, I don't mind at all! ;D actually my fiancé is currently experimenting/ building toys (3D printing), maybe I can make ya a miniature toy someday ;)

    Thank you Alexiev and Ty!!