August 21, 2016

It's been a while! #3: Kai and Glo

Still an ongoing personal project XD

Illustrations and sketches:


tree demons

more explorations


3D Prints:

Versions 1 and 2

The newer version has a base because the older one kept falling every time I bump against my desk. I also gave it cuter proportions partially because it would be easier to print in parts with joints. I also experimented on some pads for packaging, to keep the toy from moving in the box without any use of glue or tape. I didn't make the actual box. I just reused old packages to laser cut the padding. 

It's been a while! #2: Sketch dump

I've been kinda living under a rock and now crawling out after 1 year and 8 months lol.

Some fun doodles:

bottom left: Motoko fan art


Studies from photos:

my favorite Fifth Element scene hehe =P

It's been a while! #1: workstations

A very interesting couple of years so far! I'm currently working at Phoenix Age/Kabam since Dec 2014. It's partially why I haven't updated this blog. I really wanted to prove myself, so usually when I get home I'd keep practicing, barely enough to do personal work until recently. But it's all worth it.

We had a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge in the last PA office. 
Also my first time seeing double rainbow, so intense! =P

View from Kabam HQ.

Team (pic from coworker).

My desks above: at PA (left) and after we moved to Kabam (right).
During my first year with the cintiq my arm/back would sometimes ache, probably also due to bad posture, so I switched to the wacom. It feels more like home (below), because I like my tablet on my lap sometimes and prefer just one monitor ^-^ 

Also our cute little art kitchen!