February 20, 2010

Spring '10: Week 3

This was a pretty exhausting week (but fun!) because of the workshops and assignments that just started. I had really great tips from instructors and friends. (Thanks Bo!)... After this week, I'll be working on 2 master copies and character designs.. oh noes! I hope I have enough time to go to workshops and sketch out with my buds =_=

Kirk. 18 x 24 Vine charcoal on paper. 1hr & 20-40min.

Clothed figure studies from class.10-20 min.

Kira. Oils on canvas panel. 12 x 16.

LOL.. needs more yellow. Oh well, it's a value study anyway :P

Oh.. I just realized, I have like tons of paintings/drawings of Kira ^^;
Later dudes! v( *u*)v