December 25, 2009

Happee Holidays!

Hey you guys! I've been sketching and doodling these past couple of days. Other than trying to fill my sketchbook with a gazillion heads and hand studies, I've just been brushing up on photoshop again. I haven't drawn with it since summer...

Well, these look really silly lol! Trying to get the hang of things again. I kept most areas loose because I'm not good with details just yet. So far, I hope my WIP of both are so-so. I might work on them a little more if I'm not lazy enough--I mean--if Rob thinks I should. (teehee!) So I might edit this post :P

I don't know what i'm drawing =_=

This one started out as a dude, but I couldn't help myself when I drew the waist area. So hopefully this looks like a chick with heavy gear.

And this one... inspired by a mohawk and an ice cream scooper... haha.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v

December 21, 2009

Fall 2009 - Finals

Sigh.. this semester went by pretty fast..

This was my final for Intermediate Figure Drawing class. I think this should be the last time I approach any drawing with Henry Yan's style. I will miss it.

Vine charcoal on 30"x40" drawing paper.
(used a photoref)

This was my final for Still Life class. It didn't turn out so well. The drapery looked unfinished. I did, however, enjoyed painting the three main objects.

Oil on canvas.

Later folks!
uhm.. sorry Alex for spamming your blog-search thing :P

December 14, 2009

1 week left..

Finals this week.. This is probably my only time to relax.. and of all the things I could possibly be doing right now, I chose to post a blog lol! These are all just in-class work from the past 2 weeks.. So I'll start this off with a couple of oil paintings from still life class...

One of the breasts look flatter... LOL! I only like how I painted the flowers...
(couldn't finish the background.. sigh)

From anatomy class... I had no idea how to approach these sculptures :P

And these are sketches I did during Henry Yan's intermediate figure drawing class...

Two 20's from today.. teehee~ smiley face! XD

One 20min. from today, and one 10min. from last week.

25 min. from last week. Charcoal pencil on newsprint.

And finally, 80 min. from last week. Vine charcoal on paper.

LATER DUDES! ( ^-^)v

November 26, 2009

Week 13... Thanks!

I am thankful everyday for having wonderful friends, family, and mentors/instructors... I am fortunate to be loved and supported by great people... This four-day weekend/ Thanksgiving holiday, I will eat with family for lunch, maybe hang out with friends for a day, and then work on assignments for my classes :)

These were from my intermediate figure drawing class.

Vine charcoal and white charcoal pencil on toned paper. 80 minutes.

Vine charcoal on drawing paper. 25 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! \( ^-^)/

November 21, 2009

End of week 12.. I lied.

OK, so instead of posting after finals, I decided to update one last time (until 3-4 weeks from now). Hmmm maybe one more post, right before Thanksgiving break, if my self-portrait turns out to be so-so. LOLz! (edit: removed figure sketches hehe)

In-class painting. Oil.

I normally have a bunch to say about my mistakes -- "meh~" "ugh!" and even "grrr!"-- but I'll let 'em go this time (too lazy).

Later dudes :)

November 6, 2009

End of week 9.. or is it week 10?!?!

Gasp! Well I just found out that it's actually week 10 because of work (lolz new "work scholar"). I was filing rosters this week that's why. It doesn't really matter, just thought this semester is going pretty quickly.

There were no assignments due for this week, so nothing interesting happened... except... I was actually enjoying my time in anatomy class (during the long pose).. I was so content during that day, I even put my initials, even tho the drawing was just so-so ^^;

80 minutes. Charcoal pencil on drawing paper.

Teehee! I had fun with this drapery, but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped (doesn't read very well). I just realized that the yellow is pretty intense on that right side (FAIL!).. :P

9th still life. Oil. In-class painting.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)v

November 2, 2009

End of week 8 - Lost & Found



from Union Square
and Yerba Buena Gardens (with Rob)

and finally.. from the sketchbook that I misplaced for a few months

during July '09 Sketch Crawl meeting in SF. Presidio at Torney Ave.

that's all for now folks.. later dudes!! ( ^-^)/

October 28, 2009

teehee!! :)

Awesome feeling I've been having with my drawings recently.. at least drawings from/for intermediate figure drawing.. hehee!! Henry didn't tell us that we'd be drawing a very long pose this week (2 days of 3-hour class time each).. so.. the ONLY time I didn't bring a drawing paper, I actually drew something worth drawing on a nicer paper---FML!! hahaha.. but now that I think about it, the newsprint paper was actually nice for the long pose.. I was more than satisfied :) and Henry did an awesome job instructing me.. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish, and I still need to practice on certain things here and there..

The second drawing was the second master copy I did (which was really unnecessary, but Henry wanted another drawing that was more anatomical).. so I felt so embarrassed showing 2 master copies in class.. the link of his original drawing (my reference) is in my previous post..

In class drawing. About 1 hour and 40 minutes total time. Charcoal pencil.

2nd master copy for intermediate figure drawing class. Charcoal pencil.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)/

October 25, 2009

update :)

For my master copy assignment, I chose a painting by Zhaoming Wu (archive). Btw, the reference pic I used was from his website hehehe (not big enough! but I managed).. I don't know if Henry would like this one, so I'll do one more if I have time.. just in case. It'll more likely be his charcoal work.. teehee!!

(vine charcoal)

Later dudes! ( o^^o)v

October 16, 2009

end of week 6.. lolz update

hehe.. I need to scan and take better photos next time..
weapons of choice: Hi-Tec-C 0.25 & Staedtler pigment liner 0.3 & 0.1
i've been trying to practice pen & ink without pencil underlines..
so here are just a few results from my sketchbook:

(lolz I got lazy rendering hands)
charts for anatomy class
(lolz arms)

7th still life..
spent the last 1-2 hours of class in a gallery field trip
so I couldn't fix things..

must.. sleep.. so.. tired.. sigh.. later dudes ( -_-)v

October 9, 2009

Reference Pics?!?!

...for Aaron (WHO NEEDS TO UPDATE!)
He wanted to use them for his clothed figure homework..
...and for my buddy who kept bugging me to show them.

So Aaron made me pose in such silly ways earlier today (Thursday) LOLz!
Luckily, I had some so-so sketches from Anatomy class before that..
Hmmm.. I was in a good mood :)
But I will only post the ones that were uuhhmm not so embarrassing..

These can be references for clothed figure sketches .....ONLY $5 EACH!

...i kid.
(not really) ;P
They're not at all great.. thanks to the model.. teehee! ^^;

This would look so cool if I was on a skateboard >_<

This looks weird.. but would be cool with a costume ;)

gaaah! painful. T_T

But this one was so much more painful T^T
"Bend more!" ..I'm not that flexible! >:O
Btw, my friend (Wenting) was taking a video the whole time..
She won't be posting it here (on a blog) though..
But somewhere else.. hhmm.. ¬_¬

Later dudes! (^--------^)/

October 5, 2009

portait - charcoal pencil

Teehee! I usually use vine charcoal as my main tool..
But I thought I'd do it Henry Yan-style.. lolz!
wheeee~~ I love starting out my week in his class every time!

I would've worked on her eyes more..
But she kept drowsing off.. gah!

later dudes! ( ^-^)v

October 3, 2009

end of week 4.. sleep.

ok.. so this whole week was uhh crazy..

had assignments due in one day after the next from all (4) classes..
(assigned 1-2 weeks ahead)
so.. i haven't slept well in 3 days/nights (total of 5-6 hours maybe?)..
but i still survived the two workshops earlier (Friday)
because drawing makes jmesohappee :) lolz.. i'm so tired..

these aren't really worth posting..
but at least i get to see my improvements (or lack of) throughout the semester..

this was for our first homework in still life painting.
i didn't realize that all my objects lacked color until almost half way through..
because the actual objects were literally just black and white LOL!
but it was all good.. instructor liked it, but suggested to work on ellipses and perspective
(5th still life painting)

this one was from class earlier.. i was sooooo sleepy (i still am) and lazy!
(6th still life painting)

LOLz! i wanted to draw the skull so bad.. but only had enough time for the femur :P

ok.. really need to sleep.. (you too buddy!)
later dudes.. ( ^-^)v

September 28, 2009

4th week - phew!/yay!/sigh..

thank goodness i had plenty of sleep last night..
because today is: Day 2 of nonstop drawing (tons of homework!)
and Day 1 of sleepless nights/days.. gaahh!!
well, i think i'll have a couple of hours of rest here and there LOL!

Henry said i improved from my first week in his class (jmesohappee!)
unfortunately, this is the only sketch i can post today..
i still need to work on drawing a little faster, and a bunch of other things..

sigh.. i don't know why i draw so different in his class compared to
my anatomy class.. every time i'm in anatomy, I feel like crap T^T
..basically i struggle (in drawing figures) there more :/

(from intermediate figure drawing class)

hopefully my anatomy instructor will give me some time to draw further
(as much as i can) before he criticizes and attacks my sketches..
i would prefer if he attacks them with vine charcoal this time,
because I don't feel comfortable with his style of drawing..
gaaahh!!.. *breathe* ..later dudes ( -_-)v

September 27, 2009

end of week 3.. grr/sigh/lolz

it's been a troublesome week for me:
getting frustrated with my figure sketches in my classes lately..
and folks have been touchy-touchy with my work
(without permission, or assume i don't mind at all)..
i like being helped.. but i wish they would not touch even my rough work..
they can do that on the side..

just a little pet peeve of mine i guess..
sigh.. i think i will be fine towards midterm..

hmmm.. i don't know why i made the reflective light on the
apple and pitcher red orange.. LOL ^^;
we don't have to use a limited palette in class anymore.. YAY!

later dudes! ( ^-^)v

September 21, 2009

3rd week - Monday was fun!

watching Henry draw during today's demo was soooo---aaahh!!
my goal at the end of this semester is to have
fluid strokes based on his style (i'm a fan)
then mix it up with mine (when i figure out what the heck my style is)
don't know when yet.. eehhh eventually ^^;

so here are some quick and long sketches from class:

(i need to draw legs longer next time hehe)

(i think i got lucky when i drew his hand.. teehee!)

later! ( ^-^)v

September 19, 2009

1st oil portrait.. soooo orange :P

During a 3-hour workshop session.
Ho Jun Lee, the instructor, said that I should push the lights more,
and darken the areas with reflected light..
(gaah! i always have problems with those LOLz)
i also should have lightened/darkened that background,
because it kinda blends with the tone of his head..

I had so much fun!
..will try to do better next time (pressured gaaah!) XD
Laters! ( ^-^)v

September 18, 2009

end of week 2.. tired.

last week we weren't supposed to use blue paint,
i forgot, so.... i accidentally cheated (?) :P

we used limited palette again..
boo!! T^T
i want my blues!!
(btw, i didn't exaggerate the pitcher, the top just had a weird shape LOL)

trying to draw faster :/
( ^-^)v

September 17, 2009

Where are they?!?!

I went to the Townsend building before class to pick up a couple of pieces that didn't get accepted to the Spring Show '09.. yes, the rejected ones.. LOL! Since the portrait of my mom did not get into the show, I thought I was able to pick that up as well....... but I was wrong. The lady in the foundations office didn't know where my two pieces (below) ended up.. She looked at a list of names, and said that my "portrait drawing" is still in the New Montgomery Gallery (4th floor?).. That's weird.. I thought only my master copy would be up there.. CONFUSED!.. Then David Choong Lee popped up in the scene and said that one of the directors(?) might have it.. LOL! Had a nice little chat with Lee, and left without these two pieces:

This was taken while I was spray fixing out by our yard in the East Bay.
I just want to give this to my mom ^^;

my master copy shown in the Spring Show '09
(and i didn't even finish the box he was sitting on LOLz)

my fave pencil case, fave brand of vine charcoal,
and my board with Kino ("Kino no Tabi") taped on, because she's awesome.

OK, gotta sleep.. just finished a portion of Anatomy & English assignments..
later dudes~