October 3, 2009

end of week 4.. sleep.

ok.. so this whole week was uhh crazy..

had assignments due in one day after the next from all (4) classes..
(assigned 1-2 weeks ahead)
so.. i haven't slept well in 3 days/nights (total of 5-6 hours maybe?)..
but i still survived the two workshops earlier (Friday)
because drawing makes jmesohappee :) lolz.. i'm so tired..

these aren't really worth posting..
but at least i get to see my improvements (or lack of) throughout the semester..

this was for our first homework in still life painting.
i didn't realize that all my objects lacked color until almost half way through..
because the actual objects were literally just black and white LOL!
but it was all good.. instructor liked it, but suggested to work on ellipses and perspective
(5th still life painting)

this one was from class earlier.. i was sooooo sleepy (i still am) and lazy!
(6th still life painting)

LOLz! i wanted to draw the skull so bad.. but only had enough time for the femur :P

ok.. really need to sleep.. (you too buddy!)
later dudes.. ( ^-^)v


  1. AWESOME STILL LIFES!! man you're soo good at those, fuck... maybe i shouldn't drop still life. this is a great post! you should take off the whole "i don't think this is worth posting" crap. awesome anatomy stuff, i didn't put nearly as much effort into mine, i spent about an hour on each lol. And those butts, very very nice. if i could offer any type of advice/suggestions, i would say work on those eyes. step out of those asian eyes habbit. But, nice overall!

  2. yo you have to teach me how you did that backround, IT'S SOO COOL. ok that's my last comment, now i must sleep too lol

  3. curse the asian eyes XD i mean-- anime eyes! :P

    oh btw.. for that background the only secret is to stay up for 3 nights prior to that morning i had the painting class (for 5 hours mind you).. make sure you feel super lazy and sleepy... then voila!-- you've got a choppy, crappy background teehee!!