September 28, 2009

4th week - phew!/yay!/sigh..

thank goodness i had plenty of sleep last night..
because today is: Day 2 of nonstop drawing (tons of homework!)
and Day 1 of sleepless nights/days.. gaahh!!
well, i think i'll have a couple of hours of rest here and there LOL!

Henry said i improved from my first week in his class (jmesohappee!)
unfortunately, this is the only sketch i can post today..
i still need to work on drawing a little faster, and a bunch of other things..

sigh.. i don't know why i draw so different in his class compared to
my anatomy class.. every time i'm in anatomy, I feel like crap T^T
..basically i struggle (in drawing figures) there more :/

(from intermediate figure drawing class)

hopefully my anatomy instructor will give me some time to draw further
(as much as i can) before he criticizes and attacks my sketches..
i would prefer if he attacks them with vine charcoal this time,
because I don't feel comfortable with his style of drawing..
gaaahh!!.. *breathe* ..later dudes ( -_-)v


  1. Awesome 20, I can feel her weight. Also, great to see you're well rested, now i hope to see you at more workshops >:O

  2. ever since i met you i've been doing text faces, they're pretty fun, but again, great stuff
    ( 0_n)v

    except that face, to me, still reads as open parenthesis zero underscore... etc