January 19, 2013

Oh Cali...

Apparently, there was a dramatic change of weather last weekend in the west coast...

*4.4 in celsius
This is my 2nd snowy winter in Montreal evah--- 
so I totally miss that 40 now!
Snow ain't dat fun no mo'
don't touch 'em yella ones...

January 13, 2013


...Or just the one, with plastic (because Robin Eley is just ridiculously amazing with it, very inspiring). Thought I should try it out for the new year as a first challenge :D

semi-close up
so you can tell how much FUN this thing was x_x
but I think tackling the plastic was more difficult.
At 95% the plastic was accidentally blown away and my heart stopped for a second, almost wanted to flip my table! :P

 I painted this oil version first tho, 
just for the sake of painting traditionally.

Clothespins ftw :P

Happee 2013, dudes!
( ^0^)v