February 10, 2011

Explorations :)

Hello again!
Some of these look silly...
Hope you like them anyway :D
It's always nice to practice different ways of painting, drawing, etc. 
because I learned so much on my own and from friends (thanks!)

 A couple of characters... not quite finished lol

Uhm... this needs a lot of work =_=;

Everybody likes drawling Whitney! :P
B/W from photo.

Sketching from life is always fun~

It's V! Looks so innocent and young lol...

It's best to just look at the thumbnail version of this because it's so loose haaa

This is my first storyboard ever (so don't expect much lol). Our assignment was a simple "personal story." There wasn't much instruction in the first week, but I really tried and had fun anyway :) I had great critiques (thanks!) I really hope I do better because I'm considering color scripting as well! I need landscape painting too!

Sketchbook! I sketched a shinigami dude (in photoshop) because the skull was a little lonely :'(

Another skull study (oil) hooray!

Thanks for stopping by!