October 5, 2009

portait - charcoal pencil

Teehee! I usually use vine charcoal as my main tool..
But I thought I'd do it Henry Yan-style.. lolz!
wheeee~~ I love starting out my week in his class every time!

I would've worked on her eyes more..
But she kept drowsing off.. gah!

later dudes! ( ^-^)v


  1. haha i remember this chick! she was falling asleep in my class too. my pal and i were so frustrated with he that we wanted to throw an eraser at her. it was especially bad cuz it was portrait day. nice though

  2. thanks! :3 yeah dude.. ugh! if i had known that sooner, i would have switched to the opposite side of the room where the other model was LOL! everyone on our side were so annoyed and frustrated with her too! heavy sighs around her didn't give her any clue ^^;