October 25, 2009

update :)

For my master copy assignment, I chose a painting by Zhaoming Wu (archive). Btw, the reference pic I used was from his website hehehe (not big enough! but I managed).. I don't know if Henry would like this one, so I'll do one more if I have time.. just in case. It'll more likely be his charcoal work.. teehee!!

(vine charcoal)

Later dudes! ( o^^o)v


  1. damn you posted right under my nose! i knew of your recent stuff, but had no clue you updated your blog. smooth moves my ninja. once again i love the master copy!

  2. really nice copy of Zhaoming's painting, Jamie! :D

  3. LOL!! sorry buddy ^^; it's just that.. i'm a supa-slick-chick :P heheheh thanks btw :D

    thanks Emmmmerson!!! ( ^-^)/