October 28, 2009

teehee!! :)

Awesome feeling I've been having with my drawings recently.. at least drawings from/for intermediate figure drawing.. hehee!! Henry didn't tell us that we'd be drawing a very long pose this week (2 days of 3-hour class time each).. so.. the ONLY time I didn't bring a drawing paper, I actually drew something worth drawing on a nicer paper---FML!! hahaha.. but now that I think about it, the newsprint paper was actually nice for the long pose.. I was more than satisfied :) and Henry did an awesome job instructing me.. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish, and I still need to practice on certain things here and there..

The second drawing was the second master copy I did (which was really unnecessary, but Henry wanted another drawing that was more anatomical).. so I felt so embarrassed showing 2 master copies in class.. the link of his original drawing (my reference) is in my previous post..

In class drawing. About 1 hour and 40 minutes total time. Charcoal pencil.

2nd master copy for intermediate figure drawing class. Charcoal pencil.

Later dudes! ( ^-^)/


  1. excelent master copy! it's so clean and reads well. Dang 3 hours? man i can't remember the last time i did a pose that lang, longest i have is 40 :/. they are lookin good! keep it up!

  2. LOL.. "lang" is "only" in Tagalog.. so it made me laugh.. XD

    thankssss <3