December 14, 2009

1 week left..

Finals this week.. This is probably my only time to relax.. and of all the things I could possibly be doing right now, I chose to post a blog lol! These are all just in-class work from the past 2 weeks.. So I'll start this off with a couple of oil paintings from still life class...

One of the breasts look flatter... LOL! I only like how I painted the flowers...
(couldn't finish the background.. sigh)

From anatomy class... I had no idea how to approach these sculptures :P

And these are sketches I did during Henry Yan's intermediate figure drawing class...

Two 20's from today.. teehee~ smiley face! XD

One 20min. from today, and one 10min. from last week.

25 min. from last week. Charcoal pencil on newsprint.

And finally, 80 min. from last week. Vine charcoal on paper.

LATER DUDES! ( ^-^)v


  1. last figure is best!

    and did you leave the torso painting in federal by any chance? cause I think I saw it today! XD

  2. Thanks Emerson! :D

    oh, yes i did! haahaha ^^;

  3. getting crazier and crazier with them paintings! ME LIKE XD

  4. THANKS buddy!! ^///^
    sigaranthorubalalam teehee!! ^5!