February 28, 2012

Teeny update

I spent less time on the third one, but it was the most fun to draw of all three.
I think I'm getting close to how I want my character to look :)


  1. I like the gesture of all of them, but yeah that third one has a nice rhythm!

  2. ooo, character for a comic or animation??

  3. the costume designs somehow feel gibli to me, which i rike. very nice, jmie!

  4. Thanks Jon! I might throw some elements of that 2nd one to the 3rd guy :D

    Hey Laurent! Lol, sort of :P He was one of my characters from a high school project, and I've been trying to revive the duo since last semester. You'll see in about 2 months or so... I hope! XD

    Thanks Em! Oh yes, I love the loose clothing styles in Ghibli films, but I never thought of these that way ^^;

    Richie deserves an e-hug ;)

  5. nice movement. simple yet effective!
    clothing uniqueness is working too.

    btw:thanks again for the critique!