April 17, 2010

Spring '10: Weeks 9 & 10

Hello~~! Mooooore studies (sigh).. I guess I won't be posting for a while until after this semester, because finals are in 4-5 weeks. Spring Show is coming up also, but I have a feeling I won't be submitting anything from this semester and last, which is actually fine with me.. I just can't wait to see friends' work up! :D

This Fall term I'll be having an Illustration class tho (finally!), so hopefully next Spring Show (2011) I'll be uhhm.. ready.. with.. stuff.. lol...


(I'm still afraid of colors... but I like the contrast... hehehe)

OMGosh.. cherry blossom festival in J-town?!-- I hope I get to go (buuhuhu too much homework).. sigh..

Later dudes!!! ( ^-^)v


  1. bad crop for the painting...goodjob

  2. great stuff! that first portrait is freakin incred!

  3. Fantastic stuff as always, Jamie =), I love how you did the 4th portrait - very "mysteriousy" hahaha

  4. Why did Jamie crop? Liking the charcoals.

  5. Thanks guys! ^-^

    Yeah, I agree with Bo :P