December 10, 2010

Baby steps

Finals next week! Some of these will be rendered fully... I hope :P

^^; Gotta practice...

Dome things

teeny sketches so teeny :3

 ...hugging Reekeee lol
This was my sketch at the end of last summer before painting the watercolor version ;)

Thanks for stopping by! ( ^.^)


  1. water squirter 4000 =))
    Nice character studies! I guess it's the shape of the bridge of her nose and the way the pupils are sized that make her look like a lion.
    Keep it up Jamie!

  2. Thanks Abel! Yeah the the nose was a pain, I didn't want her face fully like a human's :P

  3. the first thumbs are really awesome... hahaha ZOMMG THAT LAST ONE ISS SOOOO COOOL

  4. Thanks~ LOLz! Miss ya too friedrice X3 Visit us sooooooooooon T_T

  5. saw your latest progress on this last night, Im so impressed. Looks really great.

    Water squirter thats what I call my wiener. Also I refer to it as Teeny so teeny :3

    haha yes have a laugh at my expense. your welcome.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA you jokester youuuu~

    But yeah, thanks btw :) I'm still going to add more to them that's why I haven't updated XD