March 22, 2010


Hello! Just working on some homework (painting/drawing) at the moment.. And I'm trying to fix this blog (clean it up maybe?) So I hope you enjoy these videos ^///^ hehehe~

Remember about at least a year or two ago, there was this class in AAU called:
"Photo/Storyboard/Super8" ? Haha.. well, they changed the name recently I think. So yeah, I took this class because I was in animation in my first year at the academy. I used a super 8mm film camera from school. Edited in iMovie. It was filmed in China Beach (SF).

It's a silly reason, but I took a semester of piano class back in CCSF just so I can learn a couple of pieces from my favorite films. This includes "Lullaby" from My Sassy Girl (one of my fave K-Dramas) lol!

I know I need to post more finished work here.. sigh.. I'm working on it promise! Later dudes ( n_n)v