February 14, 2010

Spring '10: Weeks 1-2

Hello again! :)

The first couple of weeks of school were fun. I'm currently taking figure painting, clothed figure drawing 1, and heads & hands 1. Three important classes (prereqs to major ones)...

Kira. (Oils. Limited palette).

Matt. (Compressed charcoal on newsprint).

...So I guess these are some work to compare towards the end of this semester.

V, Ricky and I went to Dr. Sketchy (SF) before school started... teehee!

pen and ink... and graphite

Later dudes! ( *3*)// xoxo~

Vespa SS180



  1. Love the clothed figure ones. Very expressive.

  2. remember heirarchy XD! great stuff here Jamie. loving those clothed figures. keep em coming =D

  3. ^ lol you got junk posted! but yah, awesome stuff!! can't wait for the next dr sketchy!

  4. lol I know! I actually never click on those because I can already tell =_= I've always deleted them.. I think that's like my 4th one >.< oh well :P

    Thanks guys! :)