October 24, 2011


Hello friends :D
I wanted to post this because I don't remember the last time I had patience to draw purely in pencil (without painting on it with photoshop) and actually finish! YAY :P Hope ya like the cuteness! Thanks to a talented friend for modeling and dressing up ;)

Woohoo! I finally get to type:
Graphite on 14x17 bristol.
[LOL moment]

And this was my study for it :)
It was an assignment for Lisa's clothed class. I LOVE how her class is like taking figure drawing, anatomy, and clothed all in one! Maybe it's just me...

Until next time! ( ^o^)/


  1. i love it! and your adv. perspective work are amazing as always :) cant wait to see your final!!

  2. Hanna, thank you! I admire your style, so I'd say I was inspired when I was drawing this ;)

    Neiko, thank you as well! Hopefully I'll survive Joko's class! :P

  3. Jamie! Thanks for your kind word on my blog >< i would love to have a art trade with you!! Thanks again and i can tell you are kicking everyone' ass in Joko's class!! :P

  4. Yea, Lisa is so awesome. You must be kicking butt in her class ;)

  5. Neiko, THANKS! YAY I'm so excited :3 And, I'm not kicking any one's butt in his class ^^;

    Tim, LOL I'm not kicking butt in Lisa's class either, the other JAYMEE is! But thank you XD

  6. Hey girl!
    Thanks for checking out my blog! Haven't seen you in such a long time, everything good??

  7. Hey Jamie!,already saw this piece in person, and I will say it again, it's amazing.. stopped me right in my tracks today,It's up at the entrance of Bradley hall!!

  8. Wait whose kicking ass? Kicking ass ass what? Anyways. Awesome piece Jamie Lou.

  9. diggin it... hit'n up some valuable mining facilities are we?
    (aka: i like your art)

  10. Awesome!! I see this all the time when going into Chuck's clothed figure class on wednesdays. Its so lovely! :)

  11. Awww thanks everyone! :3
    Lol everyone is kicking butt this semester! :D

    Olivia, I've been great! XD miss yaaa!